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MomDaughts' Double tail Menstrual Cup

MomDaughts' Double tail Menstrual Cup

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Ditch the Discomfort, Embrace Freedom: MomDaughts Double Tail Menstrual Cup

Tired of period limitations? MomDaughts silicone menstrual cup offers a comfortable, leakproof, and eco-friendly solution for your monthly cycle.

Made with you in mind: This cup is crafted from soft, medical-grade silicone that gently conforms to your body for a comfortable fit you barely notice.

Simple and worry-free: The unique design makes insertion and removal easy, while the leakproof construction keeps you feeling confident throughout your period.

Embrace a greener period: MomDaughts menstrual cup is reusable, reducing waste compared to disposable products. It's a small change with a big impact on the environment.

MomDaughts: Period care designed for your comfort and the planet.

How to use

Step 1 - Soak in boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

Step 2 - Fold into the vagina after cleaning.

Step 3 - Squeeze with your hands. make sure there is air before removing.

Step 4 - Discard after cleaning, and disinfect before using again

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Customer Reviews

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Ramsha Ibrahim
My first menstrual cup!

I admit, i was very hesitant and kinda scared to try this product, but i can assure y'all that it is The Best Decision i ever made in my life! MomDaughts' cup has changed my life and i couldn't be more happier in those days. Thank you for this wonderful product! Keep growing and helping out other girls 🩷


Good product


I was looking at this product since 5 months but was confused and kinda scared. Last month i ordered this product, was a bit scared to use but its too good. i was so relaxed during my periods. A must product for every woman👍

Rabia arooj

So comfy and easy to use..

Shehroz Zafar

Feel easy and comfertable

MomDaughts' Menstrual Cup

Gets you through your period with comfort.

  • The stored blood volume is large, there's no need to change as often as traditional sanitary napkin.

  • Built-in air isolation, bacteria can not grow.

  • Fit tightly, you no longer have to worry about side leakage!

  • No foreign body sensation, refreshing and less painful menstrual cramps.

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Your Periods will Never be the Same Again!

1. From Unhygienic to Hygienic Experience

2. From Sleepless to Sleepfull Nights

3. From Rashes to Smoothness

4. From Leakage to Dryness

5. From Hesitation to Confidence

MomDaughts' Variation of Menstrual Cups